Personal Session

A professional confidential session is for 30 minutes (you can schedule longer) and is made in person, via Skype, WhatsApp or phone. During a session we will discuss which limiting beliefs, patterns, and behaviours you wish to change. We will then create new and more life-enhancing belief statements that will focus on specific areas of change sought after by you.

These processes of positive change of beliefs and patterns can take a few minutes depending on depth of the beliefs, patterns and methods used for desired change. Multiple belief statements can be addressed in one session, however this varies on the individual and amount of time scheduled.

You remain always in control of the direction of the session and you choose the new beliefs and patterns. When rewiring the sub-conscious mind, the more meaningful the new belief is for you the more powerful and measurable the positive change for you.

Tools are also given to you if there is a need to make changes to your environment to better live your desired changes.



Session and Program Package


• A 30 min session is $55, an hour session is $95. The hour session will need to be pre-booked.


•  It is recommended that at least 3 sessions of 30 minutes to address the most now important issues.


• A program of 7 sessions of 30 minutes each will cover most other aspects of your life, with your desired direction in health, relationships, career and success.

To book, contact Robert at 0412 331 929


4 more workshops follow the Basic Workshop:

- workshop 2- relationships 

- workshop 3- Health          

- workshop 4- life direction

- workshop 5- spirituality  

these will be put up closer to their dates... 


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